Volume 50

September 2008


From this month, September 2008, through April 2009, we will meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at:

Park Vista Retirement Village
9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
If you’d like to share lunch, please bring something to pass. Drinks and paper products provided. 

Need directions?
Call 715-258-2524.
Bring a friend!
Please bring scissors!


Second Saturdays 2008-2009
September 13
October 11
November 8
December 13
January 10
February 14
March 14
April 11 (tentative, day before Easter)
Need of the month:
Books. Hard-covered books are the nicest for newborns, but any new books for children are greatly appreciated. Those newborns grow quickly!
We are collecting aluminum cans, Just bring any cans to the meetings, drop them off in our "drop box" at our house, or let us know if you need them picked up. Last month's total was $53.00! THANKS SO MUCH! This and the dishcloth sales at Unique Trends really counts up and, as we all know, every bit counts!
Bears, Boppees, and More
Arlene Unertl cut out teddy bears, using a gently used pastel colored quilt for fabric. These bears are now sewn (thanks, Nancy Milbrandt) and ready to be stuffed, which will be one of the project we will do at Park Vista.  We will also have some boppees to be stuffed (and cutting and sewing projects, too).
I am often asked what is in a layette bag, and maybe you are asked, too.  Here's the list to help you answer people's questions:
1 handmade diaper bag
1 quilt
1 afghan
2 receiving blankets
1 swaddle blanket
2 bibs
2 burps
2 gowns
2 sleepers
2 onesies
1 jacket
1 sweater
1 pair mittens
1 hat
1 – 2 pairs booties
1 hooded towel
1 taggie (kind of like a "lovey")
1 book
1 toy
1 bottle lotion or shampoo
That equals 26 – 27 items, plus any "specials", like when we have a new store-bought outfit donated, which we include in the bag.  We have been trying to make some of the items match, which is turning out to be quite fun!
Donations given to:
Private request 179
Bear Creek Migrant Project 161
Riverside Hospital 206
St. Michael’s Hospital 375
Donations In 520
Volunteer Hours 643

Quilt Show Coming to Stevens Point
September 27 – 28, PJ Jacobs, More information at our meeting
This is going to be a new section of our newsletter.   As we grow with more volunteers, it will give us a chance to know each other better.  This month, we feature:
Jane started out knitting sweaters for CCH, but she soon volunteered to take over the snap machine, a one-armed contraption that shakes the house with Jane's efforts.  She estimates that she has installed thousands of snaps over the last six years.  Jane is married to Russ Lowe, the designer of our logo above.  They have been married for 59 years, are the parents of 8, the grandparents of 23, and the great-grandparents of 17.  Jane still knits sweaters for CCH, and she also knits prayers shawls for St. Mary Magdalene's Prayer Shawl ministry and makes quilts for each birth, graduation, and wedding of grandchildren and great-grand-children.  She goes to step aerobics three times a week, makes outstanding meatloaf (Bob loves it!), and is the proud "mom" of Daisy Dog.